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Velociraptor Keeps It Real

Regular readers of this blog are familiar with Velociraptors and the threat they pose to modern society.

However, sometimes they can assimilate into the entertainment industry and rap on top of Stevie Wonder hooks.



Another Harbinger of the Apocalypse

I’m still LMAO!

Super Mario Pwnd in 5 Min

Caught this over at Games Radar.

The video is exactly what it sounds like. Five minutes of Flawless Pay. Brilliant Video.

If you like this, you might also want to check out the Super Mario Tesla Coils.


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Super Mario Tesla Coils

Apologies for the lack of writing and overabundance of videos, but I have been dreadfully caught up IRL.

Here is a video I caught over at Makezine 

that shows two 7 foot Tesla Coils performing an electric duet of the Super Mario Brothers Anthem.

Apparently all the sound is genereated through the coils and there are no speakers to speak of.

Enjoy, you rotten heathens!


Unreal Video Art

Caught this vid over at GeekStudent.

Apparently this project employed 4 video projectors and cover a 750 meter town hall. I don’t speak metric, but that sounds pretty big.

Love the T-Rex. Hate the Euro-trash techno.

Friday Night Fights!

Search your feelings, you know this to be true:

The 80’s were freaking wierd

Case in point? These breathing exercises done by some asthmatic old crone.

Grabbed from College Humor.

Halo 3 Rocket Deflection

This is really freaking cool. Found this on N4G and the original video seems to be located at MLG Game Room.

Given my recent run in with dirty, thieving, internet highwaymen, let me know if I’m not properly attributing this awesome vid.

Love the enemy view at the end.

The Internet Is Dumb and This Is Making It Dumber

There are no words to describe this – only faint twinges of self-loathing and technophobia.