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Velociraptor Keeps It Real

Regular readers of this blog are familiar with Velociraptors and the threat they pose to modern society.

However, sometimes they can assimilate into the entertainment industry and rap on top of Stevie Wonder hooks.



Velociraptor: The Hidden Menace

According to the Internet, Velociraptor attacks are the 3rd leading cause of death for men age 27-29. This troubling crime is actually on the rise, and more innocent people will lose their life this year because they didn’t have the facts surrounding the raptor menace.


The American Society for Velociraptor Attack Prevention is dedicated to educating Americans about the very real dangers of Velociraptor attacks. Canadians and Mexicans are, apparently, out of luck. The ASVAP website is very informative and lists many useful facts including: “Velociraptors do not know fear.”

They even have a helpful graph that shows the comparative sizes of humans and raptors.


So spread the word and keep yourself velociraptor free this holiday sesason.


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