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George Carlin: RIP

George Carlin died yesterday, and even though I am an internet asshole, I felt sad.

George Carlin

Not because I knew him personally, but because I was a fan. And because the world will sorely miss his wit and whimsy.

Carlin had everything a comedian could want.

A keen ear for language, a metronomic sense of timing, a loathing of mediocrity and two-faced apathy that typifies much of modern culture. George Carlin was a gleeful anarchist, a sardonic and merry prankster who forced the world to look at the ridiculous pose it too often affected. Carlin moved the boundaries of American Comedy beyond Lenny Bruce.

He made pot jokes in the guise of a hippie weatherman.

He questioned censorship in those 7 famous words you can’t say on television.

He taught me to question the God of my Father. And made me laugh, in spite of the pain.

Rest In Peace, George. We’ll keep laughing, but it won’t be the same without you.



Top Ten Bizarre Literary Deaths

I ran into this great post over at Alternative Reel today.

It profiles the ten most bizarre literary deaths, including Ambrose Bierce and Leo Tolstoy.


From The Page:

Ambrose Bierce disappeared in Mexico while reporting on Pancho Villa’s rebellion. May have been murdered by bandits.

The list is great, but fails to mention Ernest Hemingway’s final act of cowardice, and Sylvia Plath’s quasi-successful attempt at head casserole.

Your cocktail party conversations just got way mo’ better.


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