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Lego Predator Vs Real Predator

Given the outrageous popularity of my previous post on imaginary battle royals, I thought I would continue the trend with a geeked out thought experiment.

Who would win in a battle of Aliens? Predator or Lego Predator?

The combattants:



Lego Predator is immobile, plastic, incredibally geeky and has no weapons or camoflague to speak of. He does, however, posses infrared vision and can wisecrack with the Governors of various states.

The Predator

The Predator

The Predator is more alive and deadly than its plastic cousin and would have at its disposal all sorts of deadly alien weaponry. In the end, I think the Lego Predator wins this one, given that the lego Predator is real and the actual predator is imaginary.



That’s Not True . . . That’s Impossible!

Search Your Feelings, You know it to be true.

No One Cares About Your Blog


Bizarre Online Gaming Incidents

DailyBits has a great post about the most bizarre online gaming incidents.

It’s really worth the click and the read, but more than a few of the entries include real world shenanigans, like murder, IRL death (as a result of over-playing) and kidnapping.

My own most bizarre online incident involved marathon battle-tetris and some spilled Mountain Dew, but that is a tale for another day.



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Velociraptor: The Hidden Menace

According to the Internet, Velociraptor attacks are the 3rd leading cause of death for men age 27-29. This troubling crime is actually on the rise, and more innocent people will lose their life this year because they didn’t have the facts surrounding the raptor menace.


The American Society for Velociraptor Attack Prevention is dedicated to educating Americans about the very real dangers of Velociraptor attacks. Canadians and Mexicans are, apparently, out of luck. The ASVAP website is very informative and lists many useful facts including: “Velociraptors do not know fear.”

They even have a helpful graph that shows the comparative sizes of humans and raptors.


So spread the word and keep yourself velociraptor free this holiday sesason.


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Japan: Seriously, WTF?

From the country that gave us mayonnaise flavored soda and vending machines that dispense used unmentionables, comes the latest trend from Japan: Girl/Girl Underwear Soccer.


These pics come from a Russian art site called artjob and apparently are an advertisement, although for what, I’m not entirely sure. All I can say with confidence is that this is just more proof that Japan has radiation in its drinking water.


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Top Ten Bizarre Literary Deaths

I ran into this great post over at Alternative Reel today.

It profiles the ten most bizarre literary deaths, including Ambrose Bierce and Leo Tolstoy.


From The Page:

Ambrose Bierce disappeared in Mexico while reporting on Pancho Villa’s rebellion. May have been murdered by bandits.

The list is great, but fails to mention Ernest Hemingway’s final act of cowardice, and Sylvia Plath’s quasi-successful attempt at head casserole.

Your cocktail party conversations just got way mo’ better.


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It’s a Small World, After All

Ran into this intriguing photo set at the live design today. It’s called mini world, and these photos, as far as I can tell, are real images photoshopped to look like tiny models. It’s a great effect and you should really go check it out.


This is one of my favorites.



My Lazy (re) Post

Caught this amazing phot spread over at the DCist.


It comes from a flickr user named musely and pretty much speaks for itself, but I think I’ll throw some gas on the fire and say that this is just more evidence that a secret Masonic Cult runs the World and has taken over the gold-standard along with the hollow-earth reptile-space-overlords.

Deal with that!


300 Love Letters

Caught this great digital installation over at sleeptrip today.

It’s a collection of 300 Love Letters sent to strangers. Por Ejemplo:

Beautiful letters presented beautifully. I’ll let the description rock it from here:

“I’m writing three hundred love letters and sending them to strangers. The letters are going to be glued to the outside of the envelopes, so that the mailman, and presumably whoever the recipient lives with, will be able to see and read them. The letters aren’t to the strangers, they’re to people I know.”

Pretty cool stuff, if you ask me.


Unreal Video Art

Caught this vid over at GeekStudent.

Apparently this project employed 4 video projectors and cover a 750 meter town hall. I don’t speak metric, but that sounds pretty big.

Love the T-Rex. Hate the Euro-trash techno.