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Lego Predator Vs Real Predator

Given the outrageous popularity of my previous post on imaginary battle royals, I thought I would continue the trend with a geeked out thought experiment.

Who would win in a battle of Aliens? Predator or Lego Predator?

The combattants:



Lego Predator is immobile, plastic, incredibally geeky and has no weapons or camoflague to speak of. He does, however, posses infrared vision and can wisecrack with the Governors of various states.

The Predator

The Predator

The Predator is more alive and deadly than its plastic cousin and would have at its disposal all sorts of deadly alien weaponry. In the end, I think the Lego Predator wins this one, given that the lego Predator is real and the actual predator is imaginary.



Flat Tire Unearths Martian Microbes

For real.


According to the BBC, the martian rover has kicked up some silica-rich soil, which could indicate microbial life. All because of a flat tire. The page calls it a “Lucky Find”:

It has been described as a fortuitous discovery. Spirit has been driving with a broken wheel that constantly digs a trough as the vehicle trundles across the Martian landscape.

In May this year, scientists working on the mission noticed the churned-up soil had a much brighter appearance than usual.

These robots were supposed to function for 90 days but both rovers have been in action for around 1400 days now. Although they will have to reduce their activity due to the harsh Martian winter.

If this keeps up, it will only be a matter of time before a busted spark plug rips a hole in the fabric of space-time.


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