WoW: Harmless Waste of Time or Cult for Maladjusted Shut-ins?

Is World of Warcraft a harmless waste of time like crossword puzzles and masturbation, or is something far, far more terrifying, like demolition derbies and pick up games of “kick the cat?”

Harmless or Harmful?

All I know is that everyone I know IRL who plays WoW is a giant waste of space. Without exception these mouth-breathing, knuckle dragging morons live in some kind of fantasy world to distract themselves from their mediocre, impoverished, socially-awkward existence. Want to forget about your job with the name tag and the hairnet? Level up in WoW. Want to forget about your receding hairline and piles of credit card debt? Just log on for some raids in WoW. Want to forget about that tight, tingly feeling in your stomach when you look at a woman? Log on to Laughing Skull, that will make real life seem better.

I have an idea, maybe your junior-college drop-out, no money for beer and too ugly for women lifestyle would change if you paid more attention to your real life quests than your fantasy mage in WoW.

Taking a shower regularly IRL? Consider that building up hygiene points. When you run out of shampoo you can “level up” to some designer stuff instead of the Generic Drug Store Hair Care you’ve been using since the late 90’s.

Working out 3 times a week? That goes on your strength card if its weight training and agility if you add some light cardio.

Talking to girls? That’s charisma, chum. So don’t take time out of the limited existence here on earth to go playing prolonged games of make believe.

In stead, live life in the real world, where almost all of the hot girls live.



Another Harbinger of the Apocalypse

I’m still LMAO!

With Liberty and Justice For All

Seeing how popular my recent Lesbian Make Out Session (NSFW!) post was, I thought I would continue to give the people what they want and serve up a healthy dose of political girl on girl action.

Democracy! It’s what’s for dinner! 

Lesbian Make Out Session


That’s Not True . . . That’s Impossible!

Search Your Feelings, You know it to be true.

No One Cares About Your Blog


Hot Lesbian Kissing Girl Girl Make Out Session – NSFW


***************For Real!

Lesbian Kissing

Hey, is that The Hitchiker’s Guide To The Galaxy by Douglas Adams?



Interactive Fiction

From Penguin Books and the United Kindom.

Deal with the future, fools!


Big Brother Is Watching You

Oh, the joys of Google Maps.

Mad shout outs to for the tip-off.


From Russia With Love

Found this little gem while I was bouncing around the old internets.

It combines two of my favorite things on this planet, innovative design and hard liquor.

Enjoy it, you filthy heathens.


Happy Pi Day!

I’m on the west coast, so this is going up just in time: 3.14 1:59 PM.

Pi Poster

Happy Pi Day!


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