With Liberty and Justice For All

Seeing how popular my recent Lesbian Make Out Session (NSFW!) post was, I thought I would continue to give the people what they want and serve up a healthy dose of political girl on girl action.

Democracy! It’s what’s for dinner! 

Lesbian Make Out Session



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  1. Ryan on

    And our dollar just dropped in value.

  2. frankl1n on

    Yes, our currency is plummeting at an astounding rate. The devalued dollar is now worth less than the Looney and is almost on par with the Peso. The price of oil is sky rocketing, the sub-prime lending fiasco is threatening to crush home ownership in the United States and China has inexplicably purchased nearly a third of our nation’s debt. Toss in a three trillion dollar war, farcical inflation, a crisis of liquidity and consumer confidence and you have the makings of Economic End Times.

    Thanks for the heads up, Ryan, but I like to keep things light and airy around here. You know, fart jokes and furries and animated political erotica and what not.

  3. Ryan on

    It is all good. Tits make everything better.

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