Superman vs Batman

My friends and I have been having the same fan-boy argument since high school. If it came down to it, who would win in a fight: Superman or Batman?


Superman is the freaking man of steel. He’s faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive, he can leap tall buildings in a single bound and still get home in time to make out with Lois. He has superhuman strength, has a bachelor pad in Antarctica named the Fortress of Solitude, can throw X-Ray and Heat vision out of his eyes, posses nigh-invulnerability, was based in part on old and new testament archetypes (part Jesus, part Moses) and he can fly. He literally can’t lose, right?



is the Dark Knight of Gotham City. After witnessing the brutal murder of his parents, Bruce Wayne dedicated his life to ridding Gotham City of crime. Batman basically cowboyed up and put his family’s financial resources to make him the world’s best detective. He is a master of the martial arts, can think on his feet and out muscle much larger opponents, has a utility belt full of insane, crime-stopping gadgets, knows all kinds of crazy science and is so smart he makes Sherlock Holmes look like George W. Bush. He is also demonstrably insane. He’s killed at least two Robins (that we know of) and has no problems offing children in order to pursue his misguided (arguably fascistic) dream of a crime free America.

So who would win in a fight? They’ve fought each other a bunch of times, most famously, perhaps in Miller’s Magnum Opus, The Dark Knight Returns, with mixed results. I think Superman takes it, no contest. But Bruce does have a Kryptonite Ring to take Clark down in case of emergency.

What do you think, who wins in a fight, the Man of Steel or the Dark Knight?


Here’s the YouTube Video that inspired this post, from Really funny stuff.

And if you want to feel better about how you are living your life on the intertubes, peep the comments on this vid. Gross.

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8 comments so far

  1. bluewaveted on

    Superman without a doubt. Batman needs to rely on all his gadgets (not to mention Alfred and Robin) LOL

  2. frankl1n on

    Thank you for agreeing with me, internet. It seems I am right about everything, just as I suspected.

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  4. bluecollar49 on

    Good morning.

    Let me be the devil’s advocate here and say that while the Bat doesn’t have any super powers, his not being ” a boyscout in a Red & Blue suit ” has given him free reign as far as how he deals with many impossible situations. We have seen Bruce take out Clark in several different situations by doing what ever he had to do without regard for a moral code, and probably my favorite battle between the two comes from the first Frank Miller opus ” The Dark Knight Returns ” in which Bruce is in his Batsuit Armor and pretty much destroys Clark…if I remember correctly, Kryptonite had played a part in that beatdown, but in the end he did whoop the hell out of Clark.


  5. Daniel Scott Gabriel Murray on

    Thanks for using my Superman image.


  6. frankl1n on

    You are most welcome, good sir!

  7. Wally West on

    Personally, I think Batman is way too smart of a fighter to lose to Superman. He adapts. He turns strengths into weaknesses. Need I remind you of their fight in Superman: Red Son? Batman pre-set their location of battle and then bombarded Superman with infrared light so he had no powers. Wonder Woman had to bail his ass out.
    Superman is way too dumb. Powerful, oh yes, but dumb. And when you’re facing Batman you need to be able to out think him, and Clark just can’t do that.

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