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Another Harbinger of the Apocalypse

I’m still LMAO!


With Liberty and Justice For All

Seeing how popular my recent Lesbian Make Out Session (NSFW!) post was, I thought I would continue to give the people what they want and serve up a healthy dose of political girl on girl action.

Democracy! It’s what’s for dinner! 

Lesbian Make Out Session


That’s Not True . . . That’s Impossible!

Search Your Feelings, You know it to be true.

No One Cares About Your Blog


Hot Lesbian Kissing Girl Girl Make Out Session – NSFW


***************For Real!

Lesbian Kissing

Hey, is that The Hitchiker’s Guide To The Galaxy by Douglas Adams?



Interactive Fiction

From Penguin Books and the United Kindom.

Deal with the future, fools!


Big Brother Is Watching You

Oh, the joys of Google Maps.

Mad shout outs to for the tip-off.


From Russia With Love

Found this little gem while I was bouncing around the old internets.

It combines two of my favorite things on this planet, innovative design and hard liquor.

Enjoy it, you filthy heathens.


Happy Pi Day!

I’m on the west coast, so this is going up just in time: 3.14 1:59 PM.

Pi Poster

Happy Pi Day!


There’s No Place Like Home


Geek Dormat


United Federation of Planets

I know for a fact that I’ve seen this chart of the United Federation of Planets online before.

Check out this monstrosity, which refuses to display correctly on my twenty-four inch monitor.

And apparently the soft spoken introvert artist didn’t quite get all of his geek out the first time, because there is this heinous attempt at cartography afoot in the Tubes, along with an ENTIRE F-ING MAP ROOM DEVOTED TO A FICTIONAL UNIVERSE IN CYBER SPACE!

Look! They have Klingon Empire Parts One and Two! The Cardassians even get repped.

This is so ridiculous.

I mean, Bajor is in the Mother-Freezing Heezy! Bajor? Really?

I think I know who someone’s favorite character was.

Kira Nerys Star Trek Deep Space Nine

Kira Nerys Photo

Major-Kira-Nerys Star Trek Deep Space Nine

Look Major Kira Nerys was pretty OK, I guess, so now I’m not sure what to do with all of this self-righteous internet rage I built up. Screw You, Internet, for con-fabulating me once again!

Photos Found at the Star Trek Data Base.