Morgan Spurlock Finds Osama Bin Laden!

And gets the whole thing on film.


Well, that’s the rumor, anyway.

Spurlock, of Super Size Me Fame, recently screened 15 minutes of his new film, “Where in the World is Osama Bin Laden” to prospective buyers in Berlin.

The Weinstein Company quickly bought the pic, which chronicles the intrepid film maker’s quest to find and interview Osama Bin Laden. No one is saying if he actually achieves this goal, and the studio and film maker plan to keep mum until the flick premieres in Sundance early next year.

What do you think? Is this real or the greatest media stunt since War of the Worlds?


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17 comments so far

  1. al rashid on

    u suck. osama is innocent.

  2. Heidi on


    I have a great link for a video profile on the documentary filmmaker Morgan Spurlock. Best known for his 2004 breakout film Super Size Me, he was recently at the SXSW film festival promoting his Oscar nominated film Where in the World is Osama Bin Laden? Filmed in the Austin City Limits Studio, Spurlock talks about filmmaking, blogging and interactivity between the two mediums. Here is a link to the video from the website of the show Docubloggers on the PBS station KLRU in Austin, Texas. Enjoy!!



  3. euqid on

    Everybody knows osama is working for the CIA. 911 was therefore ordered by bush and his cronies. Several reliable witnesses saw osama at a US Navy hospital in pakistan the day before the 911 attack. Also, seriously, does anyone think he really could stay hidden this long if the US REALLY, REALLY, REALLY wanted to get to him? I don’t…I also know that truth almost always is stranger than fiction…Think, people, think!!!

  4. hary on

    ilove osama

  5. mhuda on

    never get up osama allahu akbar!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. 9/11 is an inside job on

    Osama Bin Laden Is Dead.

    Wake the Fuck Up People.

    Take a look at the FBI’s Topten Most Wanted poster for Osama He’s Not even wanted for the crimes of 9/11.

    The Planes you seen crashed in the Twin Towers did not even HAPPEN!

    You may think im going out of my Mind but im not.

    If you think you can prove me wrong try a little research in this and will soon realize you live in a FALSE Reality.

  7. Md. Anowar Shadat on

    you r very nice i like u

  8. frankl1n on

    Man nothing brings out the crazies like some Osama-mania, huh?

  9. john marks on

    You are all crazt Osama is F*****n crazy

  10. Francesco Di Leno on

    Is Osama bin Laden a hero or is not he ?

  11. nama on

    please send history sex video osama bin laden

  12. shane on

    osama is not a terror. terror r d ones who makes no interest in arresting him .when saddam was caught den he might also be but what is needed is d awareness of d govt. of all developed & developing countries.

  13. Chainsaw wonder on

    Osama is a bitch. If he were from the U.S NAVY, I will kill my self.

  14. Moose on

    “The Planes you seen crashed in the Twin Towers did not even HAPPEN!”

    Then where have they hidden the two tallest buildings in the world???

  15. […] Politics of The Nerdy Posted June 2, 2008 I try to keep this blog apolitical (this post and this one, not withstanding) but this photo made me LOL and I thought I would share it with […]

  16. mouhamed on

    je chareche les footo de bin laden

  17. Lisa on

    I love him….

    He looks gorgeous in that photo….

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