Velociraptor: The Hidden Menace

According to the Internet, Velociraptor attacks are the 3rd leading cause of death for men age 27-29. This troubling crime is actually on the rise, and more innocent people will lose their life this year because they didn’t have the facts surrounding the raptor menace.


The American Society for Velociraptor Attack Prevention is dedicated to educating Americans about the very real dangers of Velociraptor attacks. Canadians and Mexicans are, apparently, out of luck. The ASVAP website is very informative and lists many useful facts including: “Velociraptors do not know fear.”

They even have a helpful graph that shows the comparative sizes of humans and raptors.


So spread the word and keep yourself velociraptor free this holiday sesason.


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23 comments so far

  1. katie felix on

    this dinosaur is very intresting.

  2. frankl1n on

    And also very dangerous. Stay vigilant, Katie Felix!

  3. joseph rakes on

    my littl brother likes dinosaurs and im showing him this one and he says its his favorite one.

  4. m.k on

    this dinosaur is interesting,but also deadly.
    its my fave!but the fact that velociraptors had feathers,im sure they lost them or something…..


    mah friend g0t kill3d by t3h raporrs 4 reaallzz!!
    srsly! th3y kill ppl and R scry
    and r34l srsly r34l
    arga re34nag3 342qiont 23!!!!

  6. maty on

    ballanse a la concha de su madre hijos de putaputa……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….

  7. erick on

    hola soy erick y vivo en qro y quiro saber un poco mas sobre los raptores espero que me contesten

  8. frankl1n on

    Hola amigos! Yo no hablo espanol! Welcome to the INTERNET!

  9. kyle on

    Velociraptors are my fave, omg. They are the smartest dinosaur, smarter than whales, dolphins, and also primates. They killed lots of people in the movie, like udesky, dr . Wu(i think), Ray(i think, arnald and more. So cool and i am a 10 year old boy writing this.

  10. Alison on

    yo yo yo vahlossaraptahs are my favy fav word. i teaches my kids bouts these errday after i do my community service by the highway. orange jumpsuits fo lyfe.

    but forreals. you chilluns should do your readins on the dinosaurs. they are very important creations of the lord.

    praise baby jesus in his manger, hallelujah hallelujah.

  11. Hal on

    Hey velociraptor-lovers,

    I love velociraptors too!!!!!! I’m so glad to finally find some other people who like them as much as I do. These are fantabulous creatures. I wish they were still alive today as you say they are. However, “AAAAAAAAA” we must remember that dinosaurs cannot kill your friends because they are long extinct. So, while that would make an interesting story for story time, that is false. Don’t try to make younger kids believe in your false stories.


  12. sam on

    these things give me nightmares!!!
    how can u like them u FREAK!

  13. Claire on

    Velociraptors are six foot killing machines that have six inch talons on the big toe on each foot. I’d like to sic one of those on my Modular Technology teacher and various substitutes. I mean can you imagine being slashed along the belly (while still alive) and realizing that if you grab your stomach, you’d be fingering through your intestines (just like Dennis Nedry in Jurassic Park by Micheal Crichton). OR if you’ve read The Lost World by Micheal Crichton, you might remember that Howard King, right before he died, experienced a velociraptor biting his neck and the crunching of the bones. Pleasant, eh? But the people who run this website need to change their picture of their velociraptor because there have been recent discoveries that velociraptor, to support its warm-blooded lifestyle, would need feathers. Thanks in the name of scientific accuracy! (by the way, I’ll kick all cho butts in a dinosaur-knowledge face-off!)

  14. dwindle on

    Wow. I just pooped.

  15. Ibis on

    I think velociraptors are much taller than shown on that graph, aren’t they? They were in Jurassic Park.

  16. […] e la faccina da decorazione in poliestere da uovo di pasqua si intravvede già la genetica del velociraptor, questo è l’ultimo nato a 20 secondi dalla schiusa (sottolineo che sta benissimo, qui lo si vede […]

  17. CIS on

    isnt this on jurassic park dat movie?dat was awesome.dinosaurs are very…interesting?

  18. Indiana Jones on


    They’re spreading lies about the vicious velociraptor to make it look less dangerous than it really is!

    Jurassic Park has the real story…

  19. Ken on


  20. […] velociraptor, velociraptors, Video, YouTube | Regular readers of this blog are familiar with Velociraptors and the threat they pose to modern […]

  21. Neeki on

    hi this dinosaur looks scary and im glad there gone because i wouldnt like wakin up and seein them everyday ae

  22. Velociraptor expert on

    Actually, Ibis, Velociraptor is only 3 feet tall. The so-called “Velociraptors” in Jurassic Park are actually a raptor called Deinonychus. The movie was pretty accurate about Deinonychus, except that they mixed it up with Velociraptor. This is because in the 80’s paleontologists thought that Deinonychus was a species of Velociraptor.

  23. dalek raptor on

    what velociraptors are not 3 feet tall they are taller than that velociraptor expert is lying he just wants to ruin the idea of a velociraptor!!!!!

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