Mr. T: Still Pitying Fools

Ran into this post by Paul Davidson at Words For My Enjoyment and just about crapped my own pants LOLing.

You should really go read the whole thing, but here are the highlights:

Mr. T still haunts Los Angeles and goes by a name that is not “Mr. T”

Mr. T enjoys double espressos and chocolate covered graham crackers, “for dipping”

Mr. T is most definitely still pitying fools.


I once saw Sherman Helmsley at LAX and felt like I had discovered the true and secret name of God, so I can only imagine what meeting T at a coffee shop must have been like.

It probably felt a little like this.


UPDATE: Apparently, I’m not the only one with T on the brain.

Caught this on the top of Digg.

I think it is great when faded stars gain prominence again- albeit in an ironic, post-twentieth-century kind of way.

Bringing T back?! Oh irony, is there anything you can’t do?


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