Hitler: Evil Dictator, Unstoppable Fart Machine

Ran into this post by over at the smart set today.

Apparently, Hitler was not only a crazed, power hungry dictator, but also ripped farts out faster than a judge at a chili cook off. His bowel shaking symphonies apparently began in childhood and continued through WWII. After dinner Hitler would look ashen and run to his room in order to release his quaking mass of gass.

Hitler <– He smelt it and dealt it.

Quoting from the page:

[Hitler’s] private physician, Dr. Theo Morell, recorded in his diary that after Hitler downed a typical vegetable platter, “constipation and colossal flatulence occurred on a scale I have seldom encountered before.”

So there you have it. Adolph Hitler: monster, failed artist, fart machine.


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  1. […] a flickr user named musely and pretty much speaks for itself, but I think I’ll throw some gas on the fire and say that this is just more evidence that a secret Masonic Cult runs the World and […]

  2. Holli on

    Hitler was a MURDERER! He did what he wanted and abused his given powers. He should have been painfully killed slowly, but he got their before we did. He was an evil man who should’nt have been apointed in the first place as he had aphobeloxia. He also had sahieldraphobia which is visible.

  3. Yujimbo on

    lol the prick deserves it for killin my people the jews

  4. Shannie on


  5. c.c on

    idk i hate hitler my friends are jewish and still today he has caused them pain, sometimes it feels lik if he didn’t kill himself i would have!

  6. Danielle on

    LMAO XD XD I was not expecting that at all! I’m going to have to use this in the future for a report. 😉

  7. xx AOiBSx3 on

    Hahaha, woww. He was a total dick face. Why the hell would sum1 even do that?

    [and he deserves the farting problemm.. and much more aswell]

  8. Tara on

    Hah Hah. I heard from my teacher that in ww1 hitler got hurt by poisonus gas. Maybe his fellow soilders just wanteed revenge.

  9. richard on

    ahaha what an ass….. i mean i have learnd some things tht he has said during calss and one is töten sie juden… and if you dont know what that means, it means kill they jews…. and he just a plain ass whipe…. im glad he killed himeself

  10. Peter on

    Happy birthday Adolf “Gassman”

  11. richard on

    he is awesome he was the koolest man ever

  12. Hay bale on

    I dont understand how such a nice looking man could be so evil.

  13. ben ben on

    Ha Ha what a little piss face ass munch!

  14. ashley on

    i call one of my friends million dollar hitler because she went and told a lot of people that she had a million dollars and it was a lie so i used too just call her hitler but now its million dollar hitler

  15. Lane on

    you guys are stupid….your jokes arent evven funny..

  16. Lilly on

    i don’t know how ANYONE thinks this is funny. Hitler was a terrible man and it makes me sick just to look at his name ore ven write or type it. Have you even SEEN pictures on google of the concentration camps? Haven’t you even read books about this? Hitler was the Devil himself. I can’t believe how people say he was the coolest man ever! This is outrageous! I do believe that Hitler gave his soul to the Devil and that the Devil controlled him. Hitler and the SS were terrible.

  17. Rani on

    Hell was the concentration camps. I am sure that is exactly what hell is like. I am a Catholic and now I think I will pray for everyone who died and survived at the Holocaust, also I will pray for Hitler’s living relatives today. To think that that actually happened… to know that the world remained silent while millions of Jews were treated like animals and worse… and for them, the whole world turned too night. I will pray for these things every week at Church.

  18. defgas on

    Lol Fart Michen

  19. lara on

    comment il a fait du mal se mec sa degoute

  20. XP FUNNY GRRRL qX on

    OMG THAT IS FUNNY!!!! now i don’t know of any jews but i know a few germans who hate this lad because of his blond hair and blue eyes ruling, my old bestie is german, brown hair and brown eyes, she would be fooked if he was still alive oh and i don’t know how Hitler was with inter race breeding because she is also south sea islander (australian indignous person) hmmm strange… can someone plz give me a good website to look up on this arse becoz i need it for an assignment!!!

  21. cartman on

    well he did piss off joseph stalin so he did some good

  22. balls in my mouth on

    balls in my mouth!!!!

  23. aly on

    hahahaha gassy lmao rofl lolz

  24. bodaggit on

    lol we have so much in common! i fart so much i killed my uncle at a family reunion. no it is really true! dang those refried beans…

  25. cassie on

    i dont like this guy at all if he where still alive i would kill him lol

  26. hitler sucks on

    They should’ve cut out his eyes and tounge, then his nose and eye brows. The only part of his face that should have been left was his ears so when we paraded him around the towns, he could hear everyone yell, “OH MY GOD! What is that thing!!!”

    Lol, I love movie refrences. On a serious note, he was a terrible person that deserved a MUCH more painful death than he got…

  27. Becca on

    Haha. Fuckin savage what this mother fucker did..
    Gotta give him credit..He is fuckin savage.

  28. Callo on

    He was a craziest man i ever heard about. What he did with jews was really fateful. Hey almighty god how could you give birth to such a person.

  29. devenda on

    he is one of the evil who wantl to destroy the wrld.

  30. ss on

    this story is shit . fuck america . idiots

  31. frankl1n on

    Yeah, the idiots who trampled the German war machine, ended mass genocide, put a stop to fascism and saved the world for freedom? Are those the “idiots” you are referring to?

    I thought so.

    And America is spelled with an upper case A, moron.

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