Hey, my last post got a ton of traffic and as much as I front about being a hardened, cynical, internet jerk, I was pretty pleased with my post and the results.

Unfortunately, some other jerk also really liked it and STOLE THE WHOLE THING.

They just reposted my entire entry without giving me credit or even a link. Not a snippet, not a cut and paste: they just tooked it.

Not Cool, internet. Not freaking cool at all.

Here, look at my post mysteriously appearing on this other nonsense blog.


And they put a giant cat over my post! Oh the humanity! Oh the suffering and degradation!

So loyal minions! Why dont you all drop by the thieving site

and let them know that stealing other people’s rants is not cool.

Go! Do My Bidding! Fly My Pretties! Fly!


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  1. […] my recent run in with dirty, thieving, internet highwaymen, let me know if I’m not properly attributing this awesome […]

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