Animal Splicer

The internet is a wonderful and sometimes scary place. It has given us access to thousands of books, millions of works of art and the thoughts and feelings of the entire planet.

It has also given us Animal Splicer 1.0

This is seriously some of the best time I’ve wasted on the web. I’m sure the fact that I stumbled over this internet gem while drinking my second Guinness of the afternoon didn’t hurt anything, either. This mad lab lets you combine any number of normal animals into unique and bizarre hybrids.

The sheer number of creatures to combine means that you can indulge those latent Dr. Moreau fantasies for quite a while (Don’t tell me I’m the only one who has them!).

Cross a Bee and an Octopus, pull the lever, and out pops a Beetopus, a spooky looking tentacled insect. A Frog and a Cockateil? You Guessed it, a Frockateil.

Again, maybe it’s the alcohol talking, but this silly toy really is worth a clickthrough. The drawings are crisp and cartoony and the enjoyment factor is actually present. The 1.0 is intriguing and leads me to believe that, given enough drunken links and closeted mad scientists, we could be treated to a newer and more disturbing animal splicing edition of this fun little time waster.


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